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How to guarantee thermal comfort?

We asked Jorma Vitkala, Chairman of GPD, to share his thoughts on what can be done in terms of quality control practices to guarantee the thermal comfort inside buildings with smart windows.

When considering energy efficiency and thermal comfort solutions, key components for smart windows are:

  • high-quality coatings
  • insulating gas inside the insulating glass unit.

Therefore, it goes without saying that using high quality smart windows is in direct relationship with saving on heating and air-conditioning costs. Read the article to find out more about energy efficiency, high-quality smart windows, their quality control and thermal comfort.

Jorma Vitkala from GPD finland discusses the relationship between energy efficiency, high-quality smart windows and their quality control to achieve thermal comfort and sustainability.

Mr. Jorma Vitkala

“Energy efficient construction practices have reached the status of a buzzword, first being associated more closely with new constructions, and later on also with in repair constructions."

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