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Renting a Sparklike Laser Portable device

You can rent and test Sparklike Laser Portable™, either before purchasing one for yourself or while your own device is in calibration. Sparklike Laser Portable™ allows you to conduct a non-destructive testing* of gas concentration for insulating glass units that are:

  • coated
  • laminated
  • double glazed
  • triple glazed  

In Sparklike Laser Portable™, the whole system is integrated into a heavy duty case with wheels and a battery for mobility in factories and building sites. Data logging capability is virtually unlimited. All Sparklike Laser devices are developed and manufactured in Finland. 


Sparklike Laser Portable allows you to conduct a non-invasive analysis of gas concentration for double and triple glazed insulating glass units with coating and lamination
*Sparklike devices are based on our proprietary and patented technology, which allows the analysis of insulating gas concentration — without having to break the insulating glass unit.


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