presentation slides: architectural glass quality workshop

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Quality sells. To underline this fact, the very popular and highly anticipated Architectural Glass Quality workshop was held during the 25th GPD Conference. Sparklike participated in the workshop alongside with Ayrox, Glaston and Suragus. The aim of the workshop was to help architectural glass professionals to discover the latest innovations in the glass quality assessment and to show how quality management is an important asset allowing companies to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. The workshop presentation topics were: 

  • Sparklike
    Non-invasive gas measurement for i) standard double glazed IGU’s and ii) triple glazed insulating glass units with coating and lamination

  • Ayrox
    Offline solutions for precise surface stress, roller wave and edge lift measurements according to EN and ASTM norms.

  • Glaston 
    Online measurement applications for tempering lines. Featuring roller wave, edge lift and anisotropy measurement.

  • Suragus
    Inline, offline and mobile glass characterization through the measurement of metal layer thickness, sheet resistance and emissivity.


The Architectural Glass Quality workshop held on the 27th of June, during the 25th GPD Conference. Sparklike oy, Ayrox, Glaston and Suragus.


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